Webroot Importance Of Mobile Security For Safe Browsing

Webroot Importance Of Mobile Security For Safe Browsing

What is the importance of mobile security for safe browsing? Are mobile phones vulnerable to security threats when connected to the Internet? Let’s discuss!

In this tech world, most people prefer mobile phones over desktop or laptops. This is because the phones are much sophisticated and accessible than other devices. Mobile phones are used by many people for different purposes.

Some people prefer it to make calls, chats, share data, etc. At the same time, others prefer mobile phones for their business-related works. This is one of the reasons why our mobile phones are highly targeted by hackers or intruders. So, it is important to protect mobile phones and the data stored on them from hackers or unknown people. 

This blog explains how to protect your mobile phone from threats using the Webroot Mobile Security application.

>Webroot Mobile Security

It is a security application specially designed for both Android and iOS devices. This application will ensure that your device is protected from all kinds of threats by providing real-time protection. It will alert you when you’re trying to access a malicious site or trying to connect your device to an untrusted public Wi-Fi. 

Using this security application, you can browse, search, shop, and bank safely and that too without impacting your Internet speed. The Webroot Mobile Security application comes with an identity protection feature that blocks all malicious sites that are trying to steal the data stored on your device. It also hides your browsing history and other online activities. Some of the key features of the Webroot Mobile Security application are given below.

  • Step 1:Secure and easy web browsing
  • Step 2:Safe search
  • Step 3:Block mobile threats from entering your device
  • Step 4:Tabbed browsing
  • Step 5:Identity protection
  • Step 6:Firewall and network connection monitor
  • Step 7:Deletion of browsing history

The minimum system requirements to use the Webroot application on your Android or iOS device are listed below.

For Android 

OS: Android version 4.4 or higher

Storage: 3 MB

For iOS

OS: iOS version 12 or higher

Install and activate Webroot Mobile Security for safe browsing:

  • Step 1:Purchase the product license from Webroot’s official support page.
  • Step 2:Once purchased, install the Webroot Mobile Security application on your device from the Google Play Store or Apple App store. 
  • Step 3:Once the app is installed, open it.
  • Step 4:Tap on the Register icon available on the screen.
  • Step 5:In the given field, type the email address and product key.
  • Step 6:Tap on the Activate button.
  • Step 7:Activate the product by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Step 8:Once the product is activated, you can perform fast, secure, and easy browsing on your mobile phone.