How To Create Sophos Bootable Antivirus?

Sophos Bootable Antivirus

Sophos Bootable Anti-Virus (SBAV) is an antivirus tool that will allow you to perform scanning and cleaning of the infected computer without the need to install the software. This procedure will be useful when the Master Boot Record (MBR) is infected on your computer.


The Sophos Bootable Antivirus is provided for free as a Windows binary file .exe file. You can download the program to the Windows computer and then install it. Once the installation is done, you have to run a command. The program will now create an ISO file with the latest version of the Sophos Antivirus including the recent virus protection updates.  The tool will boot the computer using the underlying Linux operating system and performs a scan of the computer by suppressing the local operating system.  

There are practically two different methods in which you can create the Sophos Bootable Antivirus:

  • Step 1:By using a Bootable CD
  • Step 2:By using a Bootable USB stick

Creating a bootable CD

  • Step 1:Double-click on the bootable downloaded sbav_sfx file.
  • Step 2:Click Accept to the License agreement and later on specify the installation location (default location is C:\SBAV\). Take note of the specified location.
  • Step 3:Open the command prompt.
  • Step 4:You can open the Run command by pressing the Windows + R button on the keyboard.
  • Step 5:Type cmd then press the Enter button.
  • Step 6:Type cd c:\sbav (or you can replace C:\SBAV with the location you noted in step 2). It runs in the memory and thinks that the C:\ is the working directory, so when the location is in the other drive, you have to change the directory.
  • Step 7:Type sbavc.exe sbav.iso  in the cmd (you can replace sbav.iso with another name for the CD if desired) and press Enter. 
  • Step 8:The program will perform a series of steps:
  • Step 9:It will download the Linux distribution file from Sophos and will verify the contents of up to 100 MB.
  • Step 10:It will download Sophos Bootable AntiVirus for Linux program and verifies 50 MB of it.
  • Step 11:It will download the new IDE files (approximately 500KB).
  • Step 12:It forms a .iso file in the folder specified in step 2.
  • Step 13:Close the Command Prompt window.
  • Step 14:Now, you can burn the ISO file on a CD and boot the computer using the CD to run a complete scan of the computer.