Norton security suite registry cleaner

Norton security suite registry cleaner

Norton security suite registry Cleaner is specially created for clearing the Windows registry. When the Windows registry overruns with registries, and the computer’s performance is affected. The procedure below can help you clear Windows Registry using Norton’s Registry cleaner.

  • Step 1:You need to have Norton Utilities installed on your computer.
  • Step 2:Open Norton Utilities and click the Performance tab.
  • Step 3:Now the Performance Home window opens. Go to the Select your action section and then click the Clean your Registry option.
  • Step 4:You need select a scan type in the Clean Your Registry window.
  • Step 5:If you choose the Complete Registry Scan option, the registry cleaner deeply scans all the sections of Windows Registry and lists all the unnecessary entries.
  • Step 6:The Custom Registry scan lets you choose a section to be scanned in the registry. You can specify the areas to be cleaned in the registry.
  • Step 7:To begin the scanning process, click the Start Scan option. You can see the status of the scanning process and the detected issues on the progress bar displayed on the screen.
  • Step 8:Finally, remove the invalid entries.

Norton unauthorized access blocked set registry security key

You can run the Norton security suite registry Cleaner Bootable recovery tool to fix this issue.

  • Step 1:First, place the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or USB drive that you have created.
  • Step 2:Power on the computer and then go to the BIOS mode by long-pressing the key that displays on the screen constantly when the computer restarts.
  • Step 3:Choose the DVD or the USB on which the Norton Bootable recovery tool has been created.
  • Step 4:For a UEFI-enabled computer, you need to choose Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or the USB drive from the Legacy Boot option.
  • Step 5:Next, click the Boot option on the NBRT welcome page. From the Select Language pull-down list, choose your language and then click the OK button.
  • Step 6:Accept the terms and conditions of the Norton license agreement to proceed.
  • Step 7:Now, in the Scan your computer section, click the Start scan option.
  • Step 8:Once the scan is complete, the Scan Completed screen will display the total number of scanned files and the number of threats detected.
  • Step 9:After reviewing the scan results, click the Action column to fix all the detected threats.
  • Step 10:You can also fix the threats individually. Keep in mind that the files once deleted, cannot be restored.
  • Step 11:Now, click the Fix option. In the Confirmation dialog box, click OK.
  • Step 12:You can view the status of each threat separately in the Remediation window. Click the Continue button.
  • Step 13:Restart your computer when prompted.
  • Step 14:Now, check if the Unauthorized Access error appears. You can contact our technical experts for more assistance in fixing the issue.
  • Step 15:By using these steps we can execute that Norton security suite registry Cleaner.

Remove norton internet security from registry

The following steps can remove Norton Internet Security from Registry.

Windows 8:

  • Step 1:First, double-click This PC on the desktop and then click the Control Panel.
  • Step 2:Now, in the next window that opens, choose Uninstall a program from the Programs section.
  • Step 3:In the Currently installed applications list, find Norton Internet Security. 
  • Step 4:Double-click the Norton Internet Security to start the removal process.
  • Step 5:Now, the charms bar will pop-up.
  • Step 6:Enter regedit in the search field and then press the Enter key.
  • Step 7:On the Registry Editor screen, search HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Norton security suite registry Cleaner. Right-click and choose Delete to remove Norton Internet Security from the computer completely.

Windows 10:

  • Step 1:First, click the Start button and choose the Settings tab.
  • Step 2:Next, click System in Settings menu and select Apps and Features on the left pane.
  • Step 3:Now, the list of installed applications will be displayed. 
  • Step 4:Select Norton Internet Security and then click the Uninstall button.
  • Step 5:Finally, click the Uninstall pop-up button for confirmation and proceed with the on-screen instructions to proceed with the process. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Step 6:Next, click the Start button, enter regedit in the search box, and hit the Enter key.
  • Step 7:The Registry Editor will be displayed in a new window.
  • Step 8:Scroll down the left pane in the Registry Editor until you find the registry key labeled as Norton.
  • Step 9:Right-click the Norton Internet security application in the results and click Delete.
  • Step 10:Now, click the Yes button on the Confirmation screen. Finally, restart the computer.
  • Step 11:Follow these steps we can execute that Norton security suite registry Cleaner.