Norton Removal Tool Not Working

Norton Removal Tool Not Working

Generally, the Norton removal and reinstall tool helps you to uninstall all the Norton products from your computer. When you’re not able to uninstall the software manually, you can use this tool to completely wipe out Norton from your device. While using the Norton Removal and reinstall tool, it is very rare for an error to occur. If the Norton removal tool is not working on your computer, then scroll down this page to resolve it.Note: The below solutions will work only on the Windows operating system.

Solution 1: Check the status of your Internet connection

  • Step 1:Check if your Internet connection is stable.
  • Step 2:If not, connect it to stable Internet and then run the Norton removal and reinstall tool on your computer.
Checking status of internet connection

Solution 2: Turn off the firewall feature

If you have turned on firewall on your Windows computer, then turn it off by following these instructions.

  • Step 1:Open the Control Panel window.
  • Step 2:Select the System and Security option followed by Windows Firewall.
Turn OFF windows firewall
  • Step 3:Go to the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off section and choose the Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) option.
Windows defender
  • Step 4:Click the OK button.
Norton Removal Tool Not Working
  • Step 5:Now, run the Norton removal tool on your Windows computer.
Norton Removal Tool Not Working

Solution 3: Delete unwanted or junk files

Check if any unwanted or junk files are existing on your Windows computer. If yes, delete them. To check and delete them, follow the below instructions.

  • Step 1:Open Control Panel.
  • Step 2:Choose System or System and Security > System Protection > Protection.
  • Step 3:Make sure the option Turn on system protection is selected and click on the Apply button followed by OK.
Norton Removal Tool Not Working
  • Step 4:In the System Protection dialog box, click on the Create button and type a word or phrase relating to the restore and click Create followed by Close.
Norton Removal Tool Not Working
Norton Removal Tool Not Working

Solution 4: Update the device drivers

  • Step 1:Open the Device Manager window.
  • Step 2:Locate and highlight the driver that you want to update.
  • Step 3:Click on the Update Driver or Update Driver Software option.
Norton Removal Tool Not Working

Solution 5: Reinstall the Norton removal tool

  • Step 1:Uninstall the Norton removal tool from the Programs and Features window.
  • Step 2:After uninstalling the tool, download its installer from Norton’s official support page and reinstall it on your computer.

If the above solutions couldn’t resolve the Norton Removal tool issue, click the Call button to contact us.