Norton Internet Security Error

Norton Internet Security Error

Norton Internet Security is free software that protects the computer from malware. If you cannot run the Norton software due to the Norton internet security error that includes scan error, backup error, update error, live update error, or auto protect error, follow the steps below.

Norton security scan error

  • Step 1:Launch the main interface of the Norton Internet Security software on the Windows computer.
  • Step 2:Select the LiveUpdate button to begin the update process.
  • Step 3:After finishing the update process, close all the current programs on the computer.
  • Step 4:Restart the computer and then proceed with the further steps to update the virus definitions of the Norton Internet Security program.
  • Step 5:Visit the Norton product’s official website and then download the virus definitions on the computer.
  • Step 6:The format of the downloaded virus definition is ‘nis6avdefinitions.pkg.’
  • Step 7:Navigate to the Downloads folder.
  • Step 8:Find and double-click the downloaded pkg file of the virus definitions.
  • Step 9:Perform the steps on the screen to finish the installation process of the virus definitions on the Windows computer.

Norton security backup error


  • Step 1:Select the Norton Security icon to open the main window.
  • Step 2:Click Settings Backup Settings.
  • Step 3:In the Backup Settings window, select the Configure option behind the Manage Backup option.
  • Step 4:Navigate to the Summary tab and then go to the Things You Can Do section.
  • Step 5:Select the Create a New Backup Set button and enter a name for the backup set in the appropriate field.
  • Step 6:Select the OK button and then move to the What tab.
  • Step 7:In the Backup Sources section, check that you have selected the drive or documents that to be created a backup.
  • Step 8:In the File Types section, choose the files that you want to include in the backup list.
  • Step 9:If you do not want any files to be backed up, remove the checkmark next to the file name.
  • Step 10:After selecting the files you want to backup, select the ‘Add or Exclude Files and Folders’ option.
  • Step 11:Click either the Include File or Include Folder option.
  • Step 12:Go to the Where tab and ensure that you have chosen the correct destination path to create a backup set.
  • Step 13:Select the Save settings button followed by the Run Backup button.


  • Step 1:Open Norton Internet Security.
  • Step 2:Select Settings Backup Settings Manage Backup Configure.
  • Step 3:Move to the Summary tab.
  • Step 4:Click the old backup set that you want to delete in the Backup Set Name drop-down menu.
  • Step 5:In the Things You Can Do section, select the Delete Backup Set button.
  • Step 6:When you see the Delete Backup Set window on the screen, click the Delete Backup Set button followed by the Yes button.

Norton security update error


  • Step 1:The Norton Security update error resolves when you update the virus definitions.
  • Step 2:Download the virus definitions for the Norton Security software from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Step 3:As soon as you download the virus definitions, it will be saved in the default Downloads folder.
  • Step 4:Double-click the downloaded pkg file to start the installation.
  • Step 5:Continue with the on-screen prompts to complete installing the virus definitions.


  • Step 1:Running Liveupdate resolves most of the Norton problems.
  • Step 2:The LiveUpdate begins when you select the LiveUpdate button in the main interface of the Norton Internet Security software.
  • Step 3:It may take some more time to finish the update.
  • Step 4:After closing all the programs on the computer, restart it.

Norton security live update error

If you want to scan a particular location in the folder, perform the following steps.

  • Step 1:When you see the LiveUpdate error in the Norton window, try to perform run LiveUpdate after 24 hours.
  • Step 2:Also, update the virus definitions of the Norton Security product.
  • Step 3:If you cannot resolve the Norton Internet Security LiveUpdate error, perform troubleshooting.
  • Step 4:As soon as you select the LiveUpdate button, the update process begins.
  • Step 5:If you cannot run Liveupdate due to some reasons, go to the Results section.
  • Step 6:Select the More Information button to open the Norton Support page.
  • Step 7:Go through the instructions and fix the Norton Internet Security Live Update error as per the instructions.

Norton internet security auto protect error

  • Step 1:First, try to run a Liveupdate on the Norton Internet Security software.
  • Step 2:Use a Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool to fix the Auto protect error.
  • Step 3:Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool from the manufacturer’s site and then double-click its icon to begin the installation process.
  • Step 4:After agreeing with the license agreement, select the Remove & Reinstall button.
  • Step 5:Select Continue or Remove Restart Now. If you need a remote assistance to resolve the Norton internet security error, click the call button available on the screenn.