Why My McAfee VPN Not Connecting Windows 10?

McAfee VPN Not Connecting Windows 10

If your McAfee VPN not connecting Windows 10, then there might be a problem with your McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Protection.

Steps To Fix McAfee VPN Connection Error On Windows 10 Computer

  • Step 1:First, check if you have a standard Internet connection.
  • Step 2:Verify that no firewall, Antivirus software, or other VPN apps are conflicting with your McAfee VPN.
  • Step 3:Ensure that your McAfee software is up-to-date.
  • Step 4:Launch the default browser and go to the official McAfee site.
  • Step 5:Click on My Account and select Sign in.
  • Step 6:Enter your McAfee email address and password in the required fields.
  • Step 7:After entering the login credentials, click the Login button.
  • Step 8:Navigate to My Account and click Auto-Renewal Settings.
  • Step 9:Choose your McAfee product and click the Turn On button to enable the Auto-Renewal program.
  • Step 10:Close the browser and launch the McAfee LiveSafe or Total Protection console.
  • Step 11:Click the My Privacy tab and check the VPN Status from the left-side panel.
  • Step 12:If the McAfee VPN status is active, then the status will be shown as On.
  • Step 13:Otherwise, the status will be shown as Off.
  • Step 14:Under My Privacy, click the Virtual Private Network (VPN) tab and click the Settings icon.
  • Step 15:In the Protect me Online section, chose any one of the following options.
  • Step 16:I’ll do it myself
  • Step 17:Automatically Connect on Wi-Fi only
  • Step 18:Automatically Connect on Wi-Fi and LAN
  • Step 19:Click on the Add the network I’m on link to assign your current network to the Trusted network list.
  • Step 20:Close the LiveSafe or Total Protection console and right-click the McAfee icon at the system tray.
  • Step 21:Select the Turn off VPN option from the pop-up menu to disconnect your computer from the VPN connection.
  • Step 22:Once again, right-click on the McAfee icon and select the Turn on VPN option to turn on the VPN connection.
  • Step 23:If the VPN status shows Connected, you have successfully fixed the McAfee VPN not connecting Windows 10 problem.