How To Download Mcafee Preinstall Tool?

How To Download The Mcafee Antivirus Preinstall Tool?

There is no doubt that the McAfee Antivirus application is one of the best protectors for any device [computers (Windows / Mac) or smartphones (Android / iOS)]. It provides unique features that help you protect the device from online threats and keep your personal data secure as well. To download and installation the McAfee software first you have to Download Mcafee Preinstall Tool. Go through the entire article to find out the steps for the download and installation.

Necessity Of McAfee VirusScan:

Most antivirus software regularly scan your device in the background, and so, you need not worry about starting the scan by yourself. However, if you notice something suspicious, like crashes or excessive pop-ups, then scanning will help you a lot. A virus scan is needed in the following scenarios.

  • Step 1:Witnessing signs of virus attacks on your device.
  • Step 2:Your PC or mobile device is acting sluggish or having a hard time booting up.
  • Step 3:Experiencing unexpected pop-up advertisements.
  • Step 4:Crashes and other program errors.

Progress For Mcafee Pre Install Tool

  • Step 1:Make sure that your PC meets all of the minimum installation requirements.
  • Step 2:Make sure that you have uninterrupted network connectivity throughout the process.
  • Step 3:Your system needs to be up-to-date.
  • Step 4:Remove any existing security software (Antivirus, firewalls, etc.) to avoid unwanted conflicts.
  • Step 5:Also, make sure that any older McAfee software is removed.
  • Step 6:Uninstall the incompatible third-party applications.
  • Step 7:Bookmark or save this article before you actually start the downloading of the McAfee pre-install tool.
  • Step 8:Save all the open files.
  • Step 9:Close all the programs that you don’t want in the near future.
Mcafee Pre Install Tool

STEPS TO Download Mcafee Antivirus Preinstall Tool:

  • Step 1:Download Mcafee Preinstall Tool from there official website.
  • Step 2:Double-click on the installer file.
  • Step 3:Run the installer file.
  • Step 4:Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Step 5:Go through the warning message.
  • Step 6:Click the OK button to accept the same.
  • Step 7:Click Close.
  • Step 8:Once the whole process is over, reboot your system.
  • Step 9:And now you can Install Mcafee Antivirus software in your PC.

Types Of Mcafee VirusScan:

Types Of Mcafee VirusScan
  • Step 1:Quick Scan - Quickly scans key areas of your PC that are more prone to malware attacks.
  • Step 2:Full Scan - Scans your entire device for known threats.
  • Step 3:Custom Scan - Here, you need to select locations and file types manually.
  • Step 4:Depending on the requirement, you can select any one of the above scan options.
  • Step 5:We recommend Full Scan, as this will scan the entire system.
  • Note: The scanning will take about 30 to 45 minutes and will display a status summary at the end.

  • Step 6:Click on Scan in the background so that you can proceed with your system activities.
  • Step 7:Once the whole scanning is over, click on the Done button.
  • Step 8:Look for certain things like Real-Time Scanning - On, Updates - Current, Firewall - On, and Subscription - Active.
  • Step 9:Also, click on View Security Report to know more about the scanning summary.
  • Step 10:Once everything is done, restart your computer.

So, just by following the above simple steps, you can easily Download Mcafee Preinstall Tool on your Windows or Mac computer. For more clarifications, call our customer care executives.