Kaspersky Error 0X00CE

Kaspersky Error Code 0x00ce

The reasons for the occurrence of the error 0X00CE are listed below for your reference.

  • Incomplete installation of the Kaspersky Antivirus software
  • Corrupted Windows registry
  • Corrupted system files
  • Deleted Kaspersky Antivirus software related files.

If you see the ‘Kaspersky error code 0X00CE’ message on the screen, click the OK button and proceed with the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Step 1:Try to find the conflicting programs on your computer and close them if they are running in the background.
  • Step 2:If the need arises to update or re-install the conflicting programs, re-install them as per the guidelines mentioned below.
  • Step 3:Once you launch the Control Panel window on your Windows computer, select the Programs and Features option.
  • Step 4:Search for the conflicting programs from the Programs list and click either the Update or Uninstall button.
  • Step 5:Continue with the following prompts to finish the re-installation process of the conflicting programs.
  • Step 6:If the problem is not resolved, run Disk Cleanup.
  • Step 7:Open the Files Explorer window on the computer. Find the main directory files and right-click it.
  • Step 8:Select the Properties option followed by the Disk Cleanup option.
  • Step 9:Uninstall the Kaspersky Antivirus software and its relevant programs from the computer.
  • Step 10:Download the Kaspersky Antivirus software from its official website and install it as per the on-screen guidelines.
  • Step 11:Finally, update Windows to resolve the ‘Kaspersky error code 0X00CE’ problem.
  • Step 12:To update Windows, go to the Start menu on your Windows computer and type ‘update’ in the search bar.
  • Step 13:Once you press the Enter key on the computer’s keyboard, the Windows Update dialog box will display on the screen.
  • Step 14:If you see any updates, click the Install Updates button.
  • Step 15:If needed, click the Call button on this web page to get remote assistance from our technical experts in resolving the Kaspersky error 0X00CE problem on the computer.