How To Fix Kaspersky Antivirus Error 1714?

How To Fix Kaspersky Antivirus Error 1714?

Kaspersky is cybersecurity and antivirus software that helps detect and remove the virus or malware that threatens your PC. It is one of the safest and most secure antivirus software that protects your PC from unwanted viruses, which are capable of making your PC slow and lowers your productivity. Error 1714 is one of the common errors that occurs while updating any software or launching any application. It occurs due to the installation of improper software or outdated application, etc. Let us see how to fix the issue of Kaspersky antivirus error 1714.

Steps to fix Kaspersky Antivirus error 1714

Provide the correct code

Check whether you’ve provided the correct code while installing the software. Providing the wrong code may result in error 1714. So try to change the code and provide the valid code that activates your software.

Check the Interface

When you remove the older version of the software and reinstall the new version, the problem will continue. So before removing the software from the PC, check the interface. To avoid error 1714 while installing the new version of the software, make sure that the Display program interface option is enabled on the new version of the software.

  • Step 1:Open Kaspersky antivirus software on your PC and go to Policies.
  • Step 2:Open Properties of the Kaspersky antivirus software and select the Advanced Settings option from the list (left panel).
  • Check The Interface
  • Step 3:Choose Interface under the Advanced Settings option and make sure the Display program interface option is enabled.
  • Step 4:Click OK.

Uninstall and reinstall the software

  • Step 1:Navigate to the Start menu and click on Control Panel (Windows computer).
  • Step 2:Go to Program and Features under Control Panel and search and locate the Kaspersky Antivirus software from the list.
  • Step 3:Click Uninstall and select Yes to confirm the uninstallation.
  • Step 4:Now, go to the official web page of Kaspersky and download the latest version of the Kaspersky Antivirus Endpoint Security 10 software.
  • Step 5:Make sure you have downloaded the software that supports your OS.
  • Step 6:Install the software after accepting the terms and conditions and then launch the software.
  • Step 7:Provide the correct code while installing and check whether the problem persists. By now, the error 1714 should have vanished.