How To Prevent Virus In Computer Without Antivirus?

How To Prevent Virus In Computer Without Antivirus

Having a Good Antivirus tool on the computer is essential to prevent viruses or malware. However, not many Antivirus tool works the way it should be working. Still, you can prevent virus or any other threat without the help from the Antivirus tool. The Windows system provides the inbuilt security program, Windows Defender. On the other hand, Mac systems do not need any third-party Antivirus tool, as it is more secure than Windows. Continue to read the steps how to prevent virus in computer without antivirus.

  • Step 1:Browse safely:It is the most important skill to practice. Nowadays, due to the increasing threats over the internet, some websites or web page are similar to a trap. They contain malicious data or program which can corrupt the entire computer or hack your private accounts. At the start, these websites look normal, but as you use, it prompts a lot of requests to get access from you.
  • Step 2:Update the apps:Another way to prevent attacks and threats is simple. Keep the apps on your computer updated, especially the browser apps, so that the browser itself maintains the security and privacy of the browsing with the latest security features. Also, update the other apps on the device to fix any bugs on the app.
  • Step 3:Remove unwanted programs:If you are using the outdated app or software on the system, then remove it altogether. Check for the apps that got installed without your knowledge and then delete them, if any.
  • Step 4:Upgrade the system software:Regularly update the computer software, which is an easy way to prevent the entry of virus and other threats. The software maintains the device’s protection, so it is important to update the software. In this way, you upgrade the protection facility provided by the developer for free.
  • Step 5:By using these steps we can execute that how to prevent virus in computer without antivirus.