How To Install Panda Cloud Antivirus

Antivirus Software not Installing

When you purchase Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro, you will receive a welcome email from Panda Security. Find this email and follow the instructions on it. By following these instructions, you can:

Scenario 1: Due to OS compatibility.

  • Step 1:Download Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro.
  • Step 2:Install the Cloud Antivirus Pro.
  • Step 3:Create your Panda Account.

During the installation process, you do not have to enter your Activation Code manually. The Activation Code will be integrated with the product installation file.

From your Panda Account, you can download the installation file. To do the same, make use of the steps given here:

  • Step 1:Access your Panda Account.
  • Step 2:Enter your user name and password to log in.
  • Step 3:Click the Add a product option. After doing this step, add the Activation Code of your Panda product.
  • Step 4:Now, locate the Panda Cloud Antivirus. Select the Install option.
  • Step 5:Wait for the installation to complete.

While installing, you will find two options:

  • Step 1:You can stick to the basic protection. (Or)
  • Step 2:You can try the Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro version for 30 days.

The Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro version consists of the following two additional features:

  • Step 1:Wi-Fi monitor
  • Step 2:Firewall protection