How To Fix Internet Connection On Windows 10

How To Fix Internet Connection On Windows 10

Facing an “internet connection” problem when accessing a page, streaming content or using an app on your smartphone or PC/laptop is a nightmare for many people. However, there are some quick troubleshooting methods to fix it. Scroll down this page to know how to fix the internet connection on Windows 10.

Turning On Your Modem And Router

If you find the “No Internet Connection” icon on your Windows 10 computer’s taskbar, it means either your router/ modem is turned off or not ready for connectivity.

So as the first step of troubleshooting, check whether your modem and router are turned on. To verify it, check their Power light status. If the light is on, it means the devices are turned on. Otherwise, unplug and reconnect the power adapters of your router and modem to the electrical outlet. Make sure that the cables (Ethernet and power) are connected securely at the ends.

Also, check whether the LEDs on your router/modem are blinking in any specific pattern. If yes, it means there is something wrong with your router or modem. To learn more about it, refer to your router or modem’s user manual.

Restarting Your Devices

If the above method doesn’t fix the internet connection problem on your Windows 10 computer, restart the devices (computer, modem and router).

Restarting Windows 10: Click Start > Power > Restart.

Restarting router: Locate the Power button on your router and hold it down for 30 seconds. Once the Power light goes off, unplug the power cable from the router. Leave the router to cool down for another 30 seconds and then reconnect the cable. Turn on the router.

Similarly, restart your modem.

Reconnecting Same Internet Connection

Forget the network with which you’re facing the problem on your Windows 10 computer. After waiting for a while, reconnect the computer to the same network. The following instructions explain the same.

  • Step 1:Open the Settings screen.
  • Step 2:Select Network and Internet Settings > Wi-Fi. Choose the network that you want to remove from the list and click the Forget button beside it.
  • Step 3:Now, reconnect your computer to the same network.

Running Network Troubleshooter

  • Step 1:Click on the Network & Internet option on the Settings screen of your computer.
  • Step 2:Click Status > Network & Internet Status Settings > Change your network settings > Network Troubleshooter.
  • How To Fix Internet Connection On Windows 10
  • Step 3:Run the troubleshooter by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

Turn Off Firewall

Sometimes the firewall settings can also block the computer from connecting to the network. To disable the firewall option on your Windows 10 computer, follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1:Type the Windows Security command in the Search field (provided in the taskbar) and tap Enter.
  • Step 2:Select Firewall & network protection > Private network.
  • Step 3:Click on the toggle button under the Microsoft Defender Firewall option to disable it or turn it off.
How To Fix Internet Connection On Windows 10

Updating Network Adapter Drivers

The outdated network adapter drivers could also lead to these kinds of problems. Check and update the network drivers by following the instructions given below.

  • Step 1:Select and right-click on the Start menu.
  • Step 2:Click on the Device Manager option.
  • Step 3:Now, the Device Manager window will open.
  • Step 4:Locate and expand the Network Adapters option.
  • Step 5:Select and right-click on the network connection that you’re using.
  • Step 6:Click Properties > General > Driver > Update.
How To Fix Internet Connection On Windows 10

If none of the methods how to fix the internet connection problem on Windows 10, contact us.