How To Disable Trend Micro Officescan Client

Removing the Trend Micro OfficeScan from the console is one way to disable the client. You can try to reformat or delete the drive or use the computer settings to remove the client, but the server may not receive the message, and the client remains in the agent tree. Use the below how to disable Trend Micro Officescan client steps to remove the Trend Micro OfficeScan Client.

how to disable trend micro officescan client


  • Step 1:Open the OfficeScan console from the web browser of the computer.
  • Step 2:Navigate to the Networked Computers section and select Client Management.
  • Step 3:Under the Client Tree, choose the client which you have to remove and click the Tasks menu.
  • Step 4:From the given options, select Client Uninstallation, after which, the Client Uninstallation window screen appears.
  • Step 5:Next, click the Initiate Uninstallation button, and then the server sends a notification to the agent.
  • Step 6:Immediately, check for the notifications and make sure the client received the notification.
  • Step 7:If the notification is not sent, then click the Send Un-notified Computers option and select Initiate Uninstallation while following how to disable Trend Micro Officescan client steps.
  • Step 8:After the client receives a notification and begins the uninstallation, click Stop Uninstallation. This stops notifying clients/agents. However, the clients already performing the uninstallation will continue to do so, ignoring the commands.


  • Step 1:Click the Start icon and then open the All programs list.
  • Step 2:Open the Trend Micro OfficeScan Agent folder and then double-click the Uninstall OfficeScan Agent option.
  • Step 3:Run the Uninstaller tool to remove the OfficeScan agent completely.


  • Step 1:Open the Control Panel window on the desktop and click the Add or Remove Programs link.
  • Step 2:Now, a list of programs on the system appears below Uninstall or Change a program.
  • Step 3:Select the Trend Micro OfficeScan Agent program and click Uninstall or Change to remove the agent.
  • Step 4:When the software asks for the uninstallation password, enter it and then click the prompt with the message to delete the Trend Micro OfficeScan Agent manually.
  • Step 5:Continue with the on-screen how to disable Trend Micro Officescan client instructions to uninstall the agent.