Guide to safe web browsing

Guide to safe web browsing

You need to take necessary precautions while browsing the web. In order to steer clear from the prying eyes of hackers, you need to install an authentic antivirus software. Make sure that the firewall feature of your computer is enabled and never open any email attachment before scanning it with an antivirus application. Also, there are a few web browsers that come with a built-in safe search plugin which is an added advantage. A guide to safe web browsing is mentioned below.

Family safe web browsing

  • Step 1:There are several family safe web browsers on the web. They provide options such as parental control, privacy, and access control.
  • Step 2:Most antivirus applications that provide web security are equipped with a few family friendly features.
  • Step 3:These include built-in protection, parental super vision, child controls, and privacy controls.

Google safe web browsing

  • Step 1:Google safe web browsing is an application which secures your browsing.
  • Step 2:It safeguards you from downloading malicious files.
  • Step 3:It provides protection for Chrome, Gmail, and Google search.
  • Step 4:Google safe web browsing notifies webmasters about dangerous files after they are detected.
  • Step 5:This application can be download on your smartphone and computer.
  • Step 6:It also offers protection to all browsers and lets you install the application on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Mcafee safe web browsing

  • Step 1:Mcafee WebAdvisor is an added web protection service which is essential for your home and business needs.
  • Step 2:This application safeguards you from various kinds of web related threats.
  • Step 3:It prevents you from accessing phishing sites and prevents you from downloading infected files.
  • Step 4:If you are downloading an application, the Macafee safe browsing application scans the file for threats and then initiates the download.
  • Step 5:It performs a routine security check each time before you go online.

Avast safe web browsing

  • Step 1:Avast had introduced their own web browser which lets you access the internet with added security.
  • Step 2:This browser lets your browse the internet anonymously.
  • Step 3:It lets you browse the internet faster and secures your browsing data.
  • Step 4:You need not worry about your online transactions as that information will not be stored.
  • Step 5:The Avast browser also provides a secure VPN service which is an added advantage.
  • Step 6:The Ad blocker does not let you become a victim of malicious sites.
  • Step 7:Anti phishing comes as a built-in feature.
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