Free Antivirus For Iphone

Antivirus App For Iphone Free Download

The antivirus applications that are mostly being used on an iPhone are listed here for your reference.

Carry out these below-mentioned steps Antivirus App for iPhone free download.

  • Step 1:Avira Mobile Security
  • Step 2:McAfee Mobile Security
  • Step 3:Kaspersky Security Cloud
  • Step 4:Avast Security & Privacy
  • Step 5:Trend Micro Mobile Security
  • Step 1:Avira Mobile Security : This application blocks malicious websites. The key feature of this application is Identity Safeguard. It will scan your email address and contacts automatically to check whether they have been leaked online. The Avira Mobile Security application will alert you about a security breach immediately.
  • Step 2:McAfee Mobile Security : The key features of the McAfee Mobile Security application are Easy-to-use media protection, Comprehensive anti-theft tools, Encrypted vault, contacts backup, and secure local storage. These features are the reason for this app being one of the most preferred security apps.
  • Step 3:Trend Micros Mobile Security : This application blocks a host of web threats. The integrated ad and tracker-blocking features help to maintain your privacy.
  • Step 4:Avast Security & Privacy : The Avast Security & Privacy application provides real-time antivirus protection as well as scanning. The additional features of this app include Wi-Fi Security, Photo Vault, and Identity Protection. This application protects your data even when browsing on an unsecured network.
  • Step 5:Kaspersky Security Cloud : The Kaspersky Security Cloud application protects your data while you are browsing online. The main advantage of this application is Theft Alerts. If the PIN is entered wrongly multiple times followed by turning off the iPhone or removal of the SIM card, the app captures a photo using the front camera and email it to the user.

The steps to download the antivirus apps on the iPhone are given on this page.

  • Step 1:On the home screen of the iPhone, search for the App Store application and tap its icon.
  • Step 2:Go to the search field and type the name of the antivirus app that you want to download.
  • Step 3:Select the antivirus app from the search results and tap the Get option.
  • Step 4:This will install the selected app on the iPhone.
  • Step 5:Launch the antivirus app and use its features to protect your iPhone from threats.

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