Firewall Kaspersky Total Security

Firewall Kaspersky Total Security
  • Step 1:Launch the firewall Kaspersky total security interface on your system.
  • Step 2:Navigate to the Kaspersky Settings menu and go to the Protection Settings section. 
  • Step 3:Use the slide bar near the Firewall option to enable the firewall feature. 
  • Step 4:Once you turn it on, it will monitor the network connections and filter the network activity. 

Kaspersky Total Security Firewall Settings

  • Step 1:With Kaspersky firewall, you can change the following:
    1. Modify the network status 
    2. Block or allow internet access. 
    3. Restrict access to certain websites
    4. Establish a packet rule
    5. Assign an IP range
  • Step 2:Use these Kaspersky total security firewall settings effectively to protect your network from attacks and other malware

Disable Kaspersky Total Security Firewall

To disable the Kaspersky Firewall, follow the below-stated steps. 

  • Step 1:First, go to the Settings menu and access the Protection Settings section. 
  • Step 2:Tap the slider near the Firewall option to disable Kaspersky total security firewall it. 

Kaspersky Total Security Firewall Exceptions

Proceed with the below-given procedure to add an exception to the firewall. 

  • Step 1:Access the firewall Kaspersky total security Settings menu and select the Web Anti-virus option under the Protection Center tab. 
  • Step 2:Choose the Advanced Settings option followed by the Configure Trusted Web Pages option. 
  • Step 3:When the trusted Web Pages windows appear, click the Add button. 
  • Step 4:Key in the URL of a website ad tick the box near the Active option. Tap the Add button. 
  • Step 5:Exit from the window and check if you are able to access it. 

Kaspersky Total Security Firewall Windows 10

  • Step 1:If you want to install the Kaspersky Total Security software on your system, then you have to download the Kaspersky product to your computer. 
  • Step 2:Specify the version of your OS in the first step of the download procedure. 
  • Step 3:Click the Kaspersky Total Security Download button to save it to your system. 
  • Step 4:Double-click on the downloaded Kaspersky file to begin the installation process of firewall Kaspersky total security. 

Kaspersky Total Security Turn Off Firewall

  • Step 1:Kaspersky total security firewall Turn off firewall on your software using the below-stated instructions. 
  • Step 2:Navigate to the Protection Center tab available under the Settings menu. 
  • Step 3:Find the Firewall option and disable it using the slider. 

Kaspersky Total Security Firewall Not Turning Off

  • Step 1:To resolve this Kaspersky total security firewall not turning off problem, follow the below-mentioned solutions. 
  • Step 2:In the Kaspersky interface, go to the Settings menu and check if the checkbox near the Launch Kaspersky at System Startup option. 
  • Step 3:Check if there are any updates for the Kaspersky product. 
  • Step 4:To do so, click the Update button available on the home screen of the interface to solve Kaspersky total security firewall not turning off. 
  • Step 5:Once the Update window opens, select the Run Update option. 
  • Step 6:Close the Kaspersky interface and restart the computer. Launch the console after the system turns on and check if the error has been resolved on firewall Kaspersky total security.