ESET Gamer Mode Guidance

ESET Gamer Mode

ESET gamer mode is one of the features that is activated by default in eset software. Whenever full-screen applications are opened or running on your desktop, the gamer mode will automatically increase the performance and minimizes the obstructions. It also restricts the notifications and reduces the central processing unit(cpu) usage.

What is Gamer Mode in ESET?

Eset game mode is the feature enabled in the eset smart security by default to increase the efficiency of the full-screen mode applications.

How to Disable ESET gamer mode?

Eset game mode will get disabled automatically whenever you exit or downsize the full-screen applications. If the eset displays the status of gamer mode as active even after closing the full-screen application, follow these steps to disable the gamer mode:

  • Step 1:Navigate to the home tab that is available on the left side panel of the eset software.
  • Step 2:Click on thedeactivate gamer mode option that is displayed on the notification status.
  • Step 3:Alternatively, navigate to the setup tab on the main screen and select the computer protection option.
  • Step 4:Toggle off the gamer mode button in the computer protection window.
  • Step 5:Now, the gamer mode is disabled on the eset application.

Resolved: Gamer Mode in ESET keeps Turning On

If your gamer mode keeps on running on your computer, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Step 1:Close the eset software and restart your computer.
  • Step 2:Rerun the eset antivirus software and check whether the problem persists.
  • Step 3:If the problem persists, navigate to advanced setup by selecting the setup tab on the main screen of eset.
  • Step 4:Choose the gamer mode option and deselect theenable gamer mode when running applications in full-screen mode automatically checkbox.
  • Step 5:Click ok to save the applied changes.
  • Step 6:Alternatively, navigate to the setup tab and select computer protection.
  • Step 7:Toggle off the gamer modebutton to disable the eset gamer mode.

Fixed: Gamer Mode in ESET Keeps Turning Off

If the gamer mode keeps turning off on your system, try these troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem:

  • Step 1:Restart the eset application and run any full-screen application to check whether the error occurs or not.
  • Step 2:If the problem persists, navigate to the advanced setup tab that is located under the setup menu.
  • Step 3:Select gamer mode under the tools option and check whether any time is allotted in thedisable gamer mode automatically afterfield. 
  • Step 4:If any time is set previously in the ESET gamer mode section, it will keep turning off after reaching the preset time limit.
  • Step 5:If you find difficulties in resolving the issue, contact our technical support.