Eset Error Code Msi 1406

Error Code Msi 1406

  • Step 1:When the ESET software is not installed correctly, this error message eset error code msi 1406 appears.
  • Step 2:To resolve this error, uninstall the ESET file and reinstall it.
  • Step 3:Run the installer file as an Administrator and proceed to follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Step 4:If you cannot run the file, then create three folders such as ‘ESET Security,’ ‘ESET Modules’, and ‘ESET Data’ on the drive directly.
  • Step 5:When you are installing with the installer file, you will be asked to enable the Live Grid and the Detection of PUA, so select the Change installation folder.
  • Step 6:Choose the installation path to the folders that you have created.
  • Step 7:When you are installing from MSI, you may be prompted to enable 'Detection of PUAs.' Click Advanced Settings and change the folder paths to fix the eset error code msi 1406.