Eset Error Code 1620

If the Eset error code 1620 occurs at the time of your ESET product installation, try using the ESET offline installer to install the ESET software.

The downloading and installation steps for ESET product using the ESET offline installer are mentioned below.

  • Step 1:First, download the offline installer of the ESET product from the official website of ESET.
  • Step 2:As soon as the ESET offline installer gets downloaded on your computer, click the Run button to start installing it to solve Eset error code 1620.
  • Step 3:When the Install ESET Product window prompts on the screen, select the English language from the given drop-down menu and click the Continue button.
  • Step 4:If needed, read the Software End User License Agreement of the ESET product.
  • Step 5:Agree with the terms and conditions of the ESET product application by clicking the I Accept button.
  • Step 6:Click the Use a purchased License Key link in the ‘Choose an activation option’ window.
  • Step 7:Either type or copy-paste the activation key in the ‘Use a purchased License key’ field.
  • Step 8:Once you click the Continue button, the ‘ESET will be installed’ window appears on the screen. Click the Continue button in this window.
  • Step 9:Set your preferences for ESET Live Grid by clicking the radio button next to the ‘Enable ESET LiveGrid feedback system’ or ‘Disable ESET LiveGrid feedback system’ option for solving Eset error code 1620.
  • Step 10:Also, select either the ‘Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications’ or Disable detection of potentially unwanted applications’ option as per your requirement.
  • Step 11:Once you set your preference, click the Continue button.
  • Step 12:After selecting the ‘Yes, I want to participate in the program (recommended),’ or No, I don’t want to participate in this program’ option, click Install.
  • Step 13:When the ESET product installation is successful, you can see the Installation Successful message on the screen.
  • Step 14:Click the Done button to finish the ESET product installation.
  • Step 15:Now, you are prompted to set some additional security tools such as Parental Control and Anti-Theft.
  • Step 16:Set these two features are per your requirement once you have fixed Eset error code 1620.