Eset Endpoint Antivirus Virus Signature Database Update Failed

Eset Endpoint Antivirus Virus Signature Database Update Failed

If you are using ESET Endpoint Antivirus and you come across the error message, “Virus signature database update failed,” you need to try re-entering your username and password as the first step.

However, if you find the error message re-appearing on your computer screen, then follow the instructions to fix Eset Endpoint Antivirus Virus Signature Database Update Failed are given here:

As the next step, confirm that your ESET Endpoint Antivirus license has not expired.

NOTE: After you complete every step, please keep checking the update status of your ESET Endpoint Antivirus. To do the same, you can make use of the following instructions:

  • Step 1:On your computer, click the ESET icon located in the system tray. This action will open the main window.
  • Step 2:Otherwise, you can also go to Start->All Programs->ESET->ESET Smart Security (or ESET NOD32 Antivirus or ESET Endpoint Antivirus).
  • Step 3:Now, click the Update->Update virus signature database option.

In case the update for the antivirus works fine, you do not have to move on to the next step. But, if you encounter the same error message again, continue with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Any of the previous updates might have been corrupted. This situation might interfere with the update process. Therefore, to overcome this issue, you need to clear the update cache. And then, delete the contents of the Updfiles folder and those of the Charon folder.
  • Step 2: In case you had an antivirus like Kaspersky, AVG, or Norton installed on your system earlier, you need to make sure that it is completely removed. You also have to confirm that your system does not have any remnants of that antivirus, because they could interfere with the updates.
  • Step 3: If you are utilizing any third-party firewall, you need to confirm that it is not blocking the updates. However, you can skip this step if your system has the built-in ESET Smart Security firewall.
  • Step 4: The next step that you have to take is to configure your Proxy settings. To do this, carry out the instructions given here:
  • Step 5: Open the main program window. Then, press the F5 key. This action will launch the Advanced Setup window.
  • Step 6: From the Advanced Setup tree, select the Update option.
  • Step 7: Now, click the Advanced Update Setup… button.
  • Step 8: You now have to click the HTTP Proxy tab. But if you are not making use of a proxy server, choose the Do not use proxy server option and click the OK button to confirm your settings.
  • Step 9: Now, we will get back to the Advanced Setup tree. After selecting the Update option, confirm that the Update Server drop-down list has been set to the Choose Automatically option.
  • Step 10: It is now time to test communications with the ESET update server. Please follow the steps provided below to do the same:
  • Step 11: On your computer, press the Windows key and the R key at the same time. This action will open the Run dialog box.
  • Step 12: In the dialog box, type in cmd in the text box provided. Then, click the OK button.
  • Step 13: Once the Command Prompt window displays, type in “ping” (without the quotes).
  • Step 14: Finally, press the Enter key.
  • Step 15: After executing the above steps, if you can connect to the update server, you will find the Reply from… message. This will be followed by the IP address of the server that you have attempted to reach.

In case the above steps do not aid in solving the problem, you will have to uninstall and then reinstall your ESET Endpoint Antivirus.

We have now seen the detailed steps to resolve the ESET Endpoint Antivirus Virus signature database update failed issue.