How to Check for a Virus on a Computer?

Check for a Virus on a Computer

Computer viruses are malicious programs that ruin the system data and important files. Clearing the virus and the virus-infected file is an essential factor in computing technology. If you wish to Check for a Virus on a Computers, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step 1:First, check your hard drive activity and performance.
  • Step 2:You can detect the virus on your computer by observing the drive light activities even when the programs were closed.
  • Step 3:If your drive light is constantly turning on and off, then it is one of the symptoms of viruses running in the background.
  • Step 4:On a virus-infected computer, you can see an unusual change in wallpaper, corrupted files, pop-up messages, advertisements, and error messages.
  • Step 5:Viruses will allow access for malicious programs and installed software on your computer.
  • Step 6:You will frequently be requested to allow access for some programs because the virus attempts to transfer malicious data through your Wi-Fi router.
  • Step 7:Sometimes, the automatic deletion of files and folders is also due to the presence of viruses and malware.
  • Step 8:If you cannot access the Task Manager, then it also an indication of a virus-infected computer.
  • Step 9:To remove the virus, uninstall the browser extension from your default browser as well as from your PC.
  • Step 10:Press the Windows + I shortcut keys to open the Windows Settings and click the Apps tab.
  • Step 11:Locate the name of the extension and select the program.
  • Step 12:Click the Uninstall button to remove the extension from your PC.
  • Step 13:After completing the uninstallation, reboot your computer.
  • Step 14:To remove the browser extension on Chrome, launch the Google Chrome browser and click the More tools button.
  • Step 15:Scroll down the menu and click Extensions.
  • Step 16:Select the extension file you wish to remove and click the Remove option.
  • Step 17:Confirm your action and restart the Chrome browser if prompted.
  • Step 18:You can also check this using the Antivirus software.
  • Step 19:Download and install a standard Antivirus software from the trusted site.
  • Step 20:Launch the software and click the Scan button to check for the virus-infected files on your computer.
  • Step 21:After completing the scan, click the Repair button to fix the Check for a Virus on a Computers issue.