Cannot Install Avira Antivirus

Cannot Install Avira Antivirus

In order to safeguard your computer from malicious attacks and to stop viruses from infecting your private documents, you might have considered getting an antivirus software. Isn’t it? What could be the best antivirus application if not for Avira antivirus? It is one of the best antivirus applications ever with high security standards. You will have regular scans on your computer, and it also has applications for Mobile OS Android and iOS. Perform these steps to cannot install avira antivirus application on your pc.

  • Step 1:Real-time protection
  • Step 2:Phishing protection
  • Step 3:Ransomware protection
  • Step 4:Mail protection
  • Step 5:Web protection

Have you ever faced an error while installing the Avira antivirus application on your computer? Well, we have a solution that could fix the error in no time. Carry out the steps to see if this resolves the installation error.

Internet connection:

  • Step 1:Make sure the computer has a stable internet connection. Make sure to check the modem and the Ethernet cable are connected securely.
  • Step 2:If you have a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, check if the computer is connected to the network.

Uninstall other antivirus application:

  • Step 1:Check if you have any previous versions of Avira or other antivirus products installed and make sure to uninstall them.
  • Step 2:Follow these steps to uninstall a prior antivirus program from your computer:
  • Step 3:Click the Start button and click Settings from the list.
  • Step 4:The Settings window will now open. Locate the Applications option from the settings page and open it.
  • Step 5:The Applications window will show the list of programs that are already installed on your computer.
  • Step 6:Locate the previously installed antivirus program, right-click on the application, and select Uninstall.

Disable windows defender:

  • Step 1:In case you use the Windows OS and have the Windows Defender turned on, then follow the steps to turn of Windows Defender.
  • Step 2:Type Settings in the search bar in the desktop and press the Enter button.
  • Step 3:When the Settings window opens, navigate and click the Update & Security option.
  • Step 4:In the next window, you will find the Windows Defender tab on the left.
  • Step 5:Click the Open windows defender security center button located on the right side of the window.
  • Step 6:Navigate to the Virus & Threat protection and click the VIRUS & Threat protection settings.
  • Step 7:In the Window, when you see the real-time protection, click on the toggle button to disable the Windows Defender settings.
  • Step 8:By using these steps we can execute that cannot install avira antivirus.

If none of the methods help in resolving the Avira antivirus, the final step is to try installing the antivirus application on a different computer or download a fresh copy of the antivirus software and install it.