Bullguard Secure Browser

Secure browsing! This is what everyone is looking for. Because online threats are becoming a severe concern in this modern era. A threat may be of different types, such as data stolen, data misuse, a virus attack, and more. To overcome these threats, several antivirus software offer protection to your system and data. One such application, which BullGuard develops, includes the Secure Browser feature.

The custom-built BullGuard Secure Browser provides users with a safe way of browsing the web. This secure platform is very much useful for online banking and shopping, where you perform transactions, pay bills, etc.

The BullGuard Secure Browser protects against attacks made through the browser, like hijacking, rootkits, remote-control attacks, and more. And, it also safeguards from network threats like DNS and SLS/TLS spoofing. In addition, it filters malicious content and detects website phishing for the ultimate protection against website threats.

The highlighting aspect is that the BullGuard Secure Browser’s proprietary Adult Report shows the behavior of the website and the impact that website has on devices. This means the Secure Browser ensures that computer protection is active and also offers robust network security. The BullGuard Secure Browser also makes sure that the users do not fall for malicious websites.


The Secure Browser Plugin is available in BullGuard Premium Protection and BullGuard Internet Security

  • Step 1:Download the BullGuard Premium Protection or BullGuard Internet Security application.
  • Step 2:Open the application on your desktop.
  • Step 3:Find the Secure Browser tile in the application.
  • Step 4:Click the drop-down menu on the Secure Browser tile.
  • Step 5:Click Open.
Bullguard Secure Browser

The Secure Browser will be launched on your desktop.


  • Step 1:The BullGuard Secure Browser keeps your payment details safe and protected against browser attacks whenever you make a payment, such as booking a hotel, online shopping, etc.
  • Step 2:BullGuard safeguards your login information when accessing online services like YouTube from anywhere.
  • Step 3:The BullGuard Secure Browser recognizes malicious websites so that you can avoid accessing them accidentally.
  • Step 4:The browsing cache and cookies are protected so that they cannot be accessed by hackers stealing your browser history.
Bullguard Secure Browser

If you feel that all these features could protect your data, then you can definitely go for BullGuard Secure Browser. In case you have any queries/doubts related to the BullGuard Secure Browser, you can call us, and we will be ready to guide you.