Antivirus For Macbook Pro

An antivirus application is designed to find and remove unwanted malware from a computer or a smartphone. There are traditional antivirus applications that scan the files against a built-in database and keeping a check on the unsafe files that match the database. There are some advanced antivirus applications that use machine learning, analysis, and cloud-based malware detection to find and remove zero-day threats. Most of the antivirus applications offer real-time protection. They can scan each and every file before the execution begins, thus ensuring the malware never starts before running.

Why is Antivirus important for PC gamers?

There are millions of users who are victims of hacking on a daily basis. Their personal information is traded to the dark web, with their banking information being the prime target, and eventually, the devices get destroyed, and the gaming data gets stolen.

No matter what platform you are using, having an antivirus application is the best thing you can gift yourself. This can keep you away from a wide range of security threats, including malware, phishing, network exploitation, data mining, identity theft, and breach of privacy.

Here are some features you must have a look at to choose the best antivirus application.

  • Step 1:Anti-theft support
  • Step 2:Webcam protection
  • Step 3:Intuitive setup and UI
  • Step 4:Multi-platform support
  • Step 5:Banking-level encryption
  • Step 6:Low system requirements
  • Step 7:Advanced anti-malware protection

Here are some aspects to look at to choose the best antivirus application for gaming.


Protection is always the main feature when it comes to assessing an antivirus application. There is a level of protection offered in different gaming modes and the scanning effectiveness to find the programs that are prone to malware attacks varies.


When it comes to frame rates, connection speed, RAM usage, and CPU usage, you will need to know which program enhances your CPU’s performance.

Ease of use

Always look for an application with a user interface that is easy to use and that gives the best tech support so that it can be helpful when something goes wrong. This will be helpful for people who are not too tech-savvy.

Extra features

Always look for extra features like game boosters, webcam protections, VPN, and parental controls. Make sure that the additional features can be useful and can be an additional functionality to your program.

In today’s world, attackers can hack your system and you would not even know about it. While we are still in the olden times where we avoid visiting malicious websites or clicking suspicious links, it will not protect you at any cost. You must at least ensure the built-in Windows protection is running at all times.

Here are the best antivirus applications for Gamers in 2021.


While there are numerous antivirus applications on the market, the best antivirus for gaming should do the job without affecting your performance. One such antivirus is the Bitdefender antivirus application. What makes Bitdefender so good? Well, once the application is installed, it goes into auto-pilot mode. It makes all security decisions based on your usage pattern. You will feel like the application might take control of you, but no. You will still have a lot of control over the behavior of the antivirus. One of the best features about Bitdefender is it can scan for any active vulnerabilities. Be it is outdated software, missing Windows updates, compromised passwords, etc.


Kaspersky antivirus has been one of the top performers in the antivirus world. It performs consistently in terms of finding and blocking the malware and also having a minimal impact on the system’s performance. Kaspersky is excellent when it comes to protecting PCs, and this is one of the best applications that is suited to meet your gaming needs.


McAfee has been a big name in the antivirus world. In the early 2000s, the application came pre-loaded on computers. Coming to 2021, where technology is everything, McAfee has made sure to advance itself with today’s standards, especially for gaming. It streamlines the process so you can just chill, knowing you can still play without having unwanted notification pop-ups. McAfee Gamer security is one such application that knows when you are in the game. The antivirus will stop any application running in the background while gaming. It makes gaming the top priority for system resources, mutes notifications, and anything that tries to halt your gaming experience.


Webroot is a special antivirus application and it has made a special version of SecureAnywhere for gamers. It comes with a system optimizer tool to keep a check on the devices and the operating systems to detect system issues. It also wipes away traces of online activity and makes the deleted files unrecoverable. The Webroot SecureAnywhere silently stays in the background, so it keeps you away from unwanted problems or updates while playing games. Since the application is cloud-based, it works best when there is an amazing Internet connection. You will find no problem whatsoever. The application is lightweight, and SecureAnywhere is adjustable for any kind of setting.


BullGuard antivirus offers one of the best gaming protection features. The application also adjusts on what files to scan, which programs should go through the firewall, and finally, the ports to connect depending on the game you are playing. There are profiles updated for major releases and it’s simple to adjust to the settings for gamers.

One of the best things about BullGuard is, it has a specialized game booster. The antivirus has made gamer-friendly products accessible for users who are looking for a budget antivirus. The cheapest antivirus plan also has a malware scanner along with parental controls, cloud backup, and multi-device coverage.


Now, you might be wondering if there is a free antivirus application that offers gaming mode? The answer is Yes.

Avira Free Security has a simple gaming mode that closes background applications and suspends scan notifications while gaming. One thing the Avira application lacks is the game booster. Avira Prime application, on the other hand, has a game booster, unlimited VPN, and multi-device coverage.

With Avira, you can easily customize the antivirus behavior based on your needs. You can easily configure how aggressive you want Avira to scan for zero-threats through the heuristic analysis. Make sure to not set the zero-threat protection to a high level; it will put your system at stake and will end up compromising on a lot of data.