Avg Issues With Windows 10

Avg Issues With Windows 10

AVG is a popular antivirus tool for computers. Many users have reported the AVG update issue on their Windows 10 computer. If you are facing any AVG issues with Windows 10 while using, installing, uninstalling, or updating the AVG tool, use the below solutions to fix them.

Repair AVG Tool

  • Step 1:While you scan your computer using the AVG tool, if the computer gets stuck or AVG tool does not work, try to repair the AVG tool.
  • Step 2:But when you repair the tool, the tool's personalized settings can change to the default settings.
  • Step 3:Again, you will have to configure the security settings.
  • Step 4:Now, close all the other apps running on the computer.
  • Step 5:On the Windowsdesktop, press the Win and the X keys together to open a list of options.
  • Step 6:Select Apps and Features. The next window will contain all the apps installed on your computer.
  • Step 7:Find the AVG tool on the right panel and click the Uninstall button.
  • Step 8:Next, the User Account Control dialog box will appear.
  • Step 9:Click Yes to allow the AVG tool to make changes to the computer.
  • Step 10:Once the AVG Setup wizard window appears, click the Repair button.
  • Step 11:Wait until the repairing process is complete and then click Done.

Uninstall AVG Tool

  • Step 1:Visit the official AVG website from a web browser.
  • Step 2:Find the AVG Clear tool compatible with the Windows 10 computer and download it.
  • Step 3:Run the AVG Clear tool to uninstall all the AVG security tools you have installed on the computer.
  • Step 4:After uninstalling the AVG tool, restart the computer.
  • Step 5:Again, go to the AVG website and download the AVG security tool you want.
  • Step 6:Right-click the downloaded AVG security tool and select Run as administrator to fix AVG issues with Windows 10.
  • Step 7:Run the installation to set up the AVG tool on the computer.

Hopefully, the above-given methods are sufficient to fix AVG Issues With Windows 10 . If you still have any queries, call our customer care executive to solve the issue.