How To Fix Avast Antivirus Will Not Update

It is always suggested to keep the antivirus software up-to-date on your computer, since, with a new update, the latest security features are added to the software. If your antivirus software becomes outdated, then it may result in security issues on your computer. So This site will help you in solving the issue of Avast free antivirus will not update.

Avast is a free antivirus application that provides full protection to your device and the files stored on it. Quick installation and easy access are the highlighting features of this antivirus application. But, some users have encountered an error with the Avast Free antivirus application, mostly while performing a software update after booting their Windows computers.

Avast Antivirus Will Not Update

Repair the Avast antivirus application

  • Step 1:On your Windows computer, open the Control Panel application.
  • Step 2:Locate the Program and Features section and click the Add/ remove program option.
  • Step 3:Search and select the Avast application.
  • Step 4:Click the Repair button.
  • Step 5:Now, the repairing process will be initiated, wait for it to complete.
  • Step 6:After the process completes, reboot your Windows computer.
  • Step 7:Then, check if the unable to update the Avast antivirus application issue is solved.
  • Step 8:If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the Avast antivirus application on your Windows computer.
  • Step 9:Use the Avast Uninstall Utility application to uninstall the Avast antivirus application securely.
  • Step 10:Download this utility from the official site of the Avast antivirus application.
  • Step 11:After installing it on your Windows computer, run it with the administrator rights.
  • Step 12:Click the Yes button when prompted.
  • Step 13:In the Welcome to Avast Uninstall Tool window, click the Uninstall button.
  • Step 14:Now, the Avast antivirus application’s uninstall process begins.
  • Step 15:After the uninstallation, restart your Windows computer.
  • Step 16:Then, download the latest Avast free antivirus application from the official Avast site and install it on your Windows computer and also check if the Avast Antivirus Will Not Update problem is persist or not.