Avast Banking Security

Avast has included the avast banking security feature, thus taking protection to a whole new level. Bank Mode feature in Avast Secure Browser provides a virtual desktop, acting as a safe PC. It protects you against malicious scripts, any third-party apps trying to take screenshots, and keystroke logging. So, whenever you wish to access a banking website or pay online, you can use Bank Mode. This is an additional layer of security.

If you want to use the Bank Mode feature, you need to install both Avast Antivirus and Avast Secure Browser on your PC.

Install Avast Secure Browser

We assume that you have downloaded the Avast Secure Browser setup file from the official site.

  • Step 1:Right-click on the Avast Secure Browser setup file.
  • Step 2:Click Run as administrator from the drop-down list.
  • Step 3:A prompt appears for permission to allow this app to make changes to your device. Click Yes.
  • Step 4:Click Accept and Install to proceed further with the installation.
  • Step 5:Wait patiently until the application is installed on your browser.
  • Step 6:Once installed, click OK.
  • Step 7:If you experience the error code 49, do the following things on your computer.
  • Step 8:Download the latest Avira installation file.

How To Enable Bank Mode?

Enable Bank Mode by following one of these methods.

  • Step 1:Launch Avast Secure Browser, go to Menu --> New Bank Mode Window.
  • Step 2:Find the Avast Antivirus icon in the notification section. Right-click on it and choose Run Bank Mode.
  • Enable Bank Mode
  • Step 3:Open the Avast Secure Browser application, click Security & Privacy Center --> Open on the Bank Mode tile.

Managing Bank Mode

Managing bank mode is quite simple. This section covers a few things to manage Bank Mode in Avast Secure Browser.

Switching Between Bank Mode And Secure Browser

  • Step 1:Click the Bank Mode option in the Avast Secure Browser to launch the Bank Mode virtual desktop.
  • Step 2:Click Standard desktop in the bottom-left corner of the Bank Mode (virtual desktop). It takes you back to Avast Secure Browser.
Switch Bank Mode And Secure Browser

Tagging an app to the Bank Mode Taskbar

  • Step 1:On the Bank Mode virtual desktop, click the + icon in the bottom-left corner.
  • Step 2:Choose the app you like to add to the Bank Mode taskbar and click Open.
  • Step 3:Click OK on the confirmation page.
  • Step 4:If you really wish to remove an app from the Bank Mode taskbar, right-click on the application, then select Unpin this program from the taskbar.
Bank Mode Taskbar

Avast Bank Mode Settings

Let us see how to configure some settings in the Bank Mode.

  • Step 1:Double-click the Avast Secure Browser app on your desktop.
  • Step 2:In the browser, click Security & Privacy Center.
  • Step 3:Choose the Bank Mode tile.
  • Step 4:On the next screen that appears, click Advanced settings.
  • Step 5:Under the Settings screen, you can change the following settings:
Bank Mode Settings

It shows you a notification on your screen whenever you visit a banking website. If you choose the Open in Bank Mode option on the notification, it opens the website in Bank Mode virtual desktop and protects your data.

It automatically enables Bank Mode when you visit specific websites. Click Add, enter the website URL and select Add to confirm.

Now, If You Face any issues regarding antivirus, Then Click the Call button provided on this web page to get remote assistance for Avast Banking Security.