Antivirus For Macbook Pro

Antivirus For Macbook Pro

When you think whether a Macbook Pro needs an antivirus or not, it is actually the Operating System that needs antivirus software and not the hardware. Usually, people do have the thought that devices running on the Mac operating system do not need any antivirus software and that they do not tend to be affected by malware. It might be true to an extent. The reasons for this are, firstly, Mac OS being a UNIX operating system which is wholly sandboxed, doesn’t allow any malicious program to enter a Mac device, these malware won’t be able to infect the OS files easily. The next reason is, there are fewer Mac users when compared to Windows users, and hence most of the malware programs are generated only targeting the Windows users.

Traditionally, there is no inbuilt Antivirus For Macbook Pro or Mac devices. But the Mac OS devices are password-protected and have several encryption standards for the safety of the data stored on the device. Whenever a new malware is identified, or when a URL is suspected to have files causing damage to a Mac device, a new update is being released by Mac to safeguard the devices. So, until a Mac device uses the latest version of any application, it is safe from malware.

Even while browsing the internet, the Gatekeeper application on the Mac device ensures that all the apps downloaded from the Mac App store are secure enough to be installed. However, the decision to have an antivirus software on a Mac device is up to the user.

Third-party antivirus programs for the Mac operating system are available as both paid and free versions. There are many antivirus software for securing Mac devices. A few of them are listed below. The order in which the antivirus software are given here doesn’t mean their ranking or anything like that. If you are still looking for an antivirus software for your Macbook Pro, then check the following section.

Intego Antivirus For Macbook Pro:

The Intego antivirus software, Mac Premium Bundle X9, is one of the most sought after antivirus software for Mac devices. Few features of the Intego antivirus software are its intelligent firewall for home and network, Backing up of files on Mac, and it cleans a Mac computer and improves its efficiency.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac:

This is an antivirus software for the internet security of Mac devices. This is a paid antivirus software. You can also choose the Kaspersky Total Security software, which provides complete protection to your Macbook pro. The features of the Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac includes protection against hackers and attackers, protection of privacy and personal information, and so on.

Bitdefender Antivirus For Macbook Pro:

This is another paid antivirus software that you can choose for your Macbook Pro. Its features include real-time protection against viruses and ransomware, Time Machine protection for backup data, VPN, and Adware blocking. There are other antivirus software as well. Their names are given below, and you can choose one for your Macbook Pro.

  • Step 1:Comodo Free Antivirus for Mac.
  • Step 2:Norton 360 Standard for Mac.
  • Step 3:Sophos Home Premium for Mac.
  • Step 4:ESET Cyber Security for Mac.
  • Step 5:Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac.

Always make sure to download the antivirus software from a trusted website or from the Mac App Store. To install the antivirus software, download the installer and run it on your Macbook Pro. Follow the on-screen instructions. After installing the antivirus software, perform a system scan and make sure to update the antivirus software whenever an update is available.

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